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Bicycling mountain roads and passes

Welcome to the cutting-edge of uphill cycling
and world's most famous ascents of each of the continents



   Great Climbs

Overview all continents
Followed-up since August 2008

Both the Asian Himalayas and the South American Andes have several climbs leading to altitudes of more than 5,000 meters. And other mountain ranges such as the North American Rocky Mountains or the European Alps also provide very challenging high-altitude rides for uphill cycling enthusiacs. more...

Uturuncu (Bolivia) 5,768m
November 2013

The highest road in the world leads at Bolivian volcano Uturuncu to a maximum elevation of some 5,770 meters. If you want to conquer Uturuncu you have to overcome a sandy and rocky 10% slope. Due to its outrageous altitude this is the ultimate climb for any high-altitude cyclist - the Everest of cycling! more...

Col du Jandri (France) 3,200m
August 2013

Col du Jandri is situated in the French Rhone-Alps and has its peak at an elevation of almost 3,200 meters. The unpaved runway has some very steep ramps and thus becomes a very demanding challenge. However, the exhausting ride is compensated by amazing panoramic views and gorgeous mountain scenery. more...



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